Learn the basics of heating with wood and much more

The Heating with Wood DVD Set

So you Bought a new house....

…and it came with a wood burning stove or a fireplace insert and you don’t know the first thing about it…With this DVD you will learn how to safely heat with wood.

Or...You just had a new wood burning stove or Fireplace insert installed...

…and you don’t know how to start your first fire….

Or...It's the end of the heating season...

…and you don’t know how maintain the stove or clean the chimney….

Or...You just replaced your 40 year old woodburner and the new one...

…doesn’t light or burn the same way….

Or...How to cut and stack firewood or sharpen your chainsaw...

The Heating with Wood DVD Set

Get up to speed quickly on how to safely heat with wood with this complete DVD set!

With chapters that cover choosing your wood burning appliance, starting and maintaining a fire, safety equipment, cleaning a simple chimney, maintaining the performance of your stove, chain sawing and chain saw maintenance, as well as splitting, stacking and handling firewood, this DVD offers plenty of tips, suggestions, and safety advice along the way.

From starting your first fire to cleaning your system at the end of the season and everything in between, this detailed step-by-step DVD set covers the basics of how to safely heat with wood and much, much more.

Disc 1 of Heating with Wood DVD Set by Ted and Deb Sokolowski
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Disc 2 of Heating with Wood DVD Set by Ted and Deb Sokolowski
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"I've been around stoves for 60 years and it didn't take long for me to see new and interesting things on your DVD. It's great."
Steve S.
"I wasn't brought up around wood heat and frankly was scared of starting a fire in the fireplace insert of my newly purchased home. Without this DVD I doubt I would have attempted it. Now I enjoy a warm, crackling fire daily."
Becky W.
"Good chainsawing tips that really lighten the workload. Thanks."
Thomas J.
"If I knew it was that easy to sharpen a chainsaw, I could have saved a bundle over the years."
Gene S.