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disc 1 of the heating with wood dvd set
Disc 1
Intro 2:36
A short introduction covering some of the reasons why you may want to heat with wood today.
Chapter 1
Wood Burning Appliances

The decision process in choosing a woodburning appliance begins with knowing what is currently available on the market today. We visit a wood stove dealer with over 30 years of experience and gain valuable insight that will help you be better prepared to ask the right questions when you're shopping for a wood stove, fireplace insert, or wood-fired central heating unit.

Learn about the benefits of modern EPA rated wood stoves
Learn about the properties of steel, cast iron and soapstone stoves.
Find answers to these commonly asked questions:
When should I replace my old stove? What size stove should I buy?
Where should I locate the stove? Should I install my own wood stove?

Nan Conner talks about fireplace inserts
Frank Goryl shows us the Zero clearance fireplace
Layout of woodstove placement in a home

Learn about how to modify an existing fireplace into a viable heat source, and visit a homeowner to see why he chose a Zero-Clearance fireplace to heat his home.

Several options are discussed in switching from an oil or gas fired central heating system to wood central heat.

Chapter 2
Starting & Maintaining a Fire

Learn about the basics of building a fire and operating the controls of a woodburning appliance.

Along the way, you will discover:
When and why you must build a break-in fire... What is kindling and how to obtain a season's worth in just a few hours... Why make a small torch to aid in starting a fire... How to deal with simple back draft issues when first lighting the stove... The proper placement techniques for laying kindling in your stove...

Learn how you can increase your draft for a faster start, and when to make the air adjustments on your stove to control the fire. Learn about the importance of a hot daily fire, the orientation of log placement in relationship to draft, and the things you should never burn and why.

How to start and maintain a fire in a woodstove
How to light a woodstove with a torch
Woodstove thermometer
Learn how to:
Use a stove thermometer to determine burn rates
Control the burn rate of your appliance to get more or less heat
Control excessive draft
Handle a stove full of hot coals that isn't producing much heat
Dispose of ashes properly and a beneficial use of ashes
Remedy a smoldering fire in a few easy steps
Make kindling from plain cardboard
Create a sustaining fire that will heat your home for hours
with the stove left unattended
Time lapse photography of a sustaining fire in a wood stove
things you should never burn in a wood stove or fireplace
Tips include:
Why you need to know the locked position of your door handle, why a glass door is preferred, why you may or may not want to burn soft wood, and what kind of newspaper makes good kindling. Also, an important tip on what to avoid doing to increase draft that could crack your stove and void its warranty.
Chimney placement in a home for a wood stove
Chapter 3
Chimney Maintainence 17:12

Chimneys aren't pretty to look at, and are usually tucked away in a corner and forgotten. But they are an extremely important component to the operation of any wood burning system. This chapter covers chimney basics and much more...

Learn about the importance of your chimney's location for a low maintenance and trouble free chimney.

Join us as we discuss chimney fires and blocked flues with an experienced fireman.
Learn how to prevent a chimney fire and life saving expert advice on what to do in case of a chimney fire or blocked flue. Also, learn what you should never do after a chimney fire!

Learn about the types of creosote and which one you want to avoid at all costs...

Interview with David Corazzi on Chimney fires
Creosote buildup in a chimney
How to clean a class a chimney
You'll learn how to:
Deal with stubborn creosote...
Minimize creosote build up...
Hire a chimney sweep with the
right credentials...
Disassemble your stove pipe...
Identify poor chimney connections...
and much more...
disassembling stove pipe.
Proper clearances for a Woodstove Chapter 4
Safety 9:32

Every home needs basic safety equipment, no matter what heating system you use.
Find out what needs to be in place when heating with wood...

Learn about:
Clearances for a wood stove and how you can safely reduce those clearances...
What's available for child safety around a wood stove...
Commercial hearths and an example our own hearth we built ourselves...
Basic family fire safety with a fire escape plan...
Where you should and shouldn't install CO detectors...
The ideal locations to install fire extinguishers...
The symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisioning...
How to use a fire extinguisher and which ones are friendlier to the environment...
Why you need two types of smoke alarms...
Why you should never test fire your fire extinguisher...
and much more...

Child safety gates for wood stoves.
Building a hearth for you wood stove Window ladder for fire escapes
How to use a fire extinguisher  the right way
Placement of carbon monoxide detector  in your home
Cleaning the glass on a wood stove
Chapter 5
Enjoying Your Hearth 5:26

OK, let's get to the fun stuff...
There are a few products that make maintaining a wood burning appliance
much easier, and some are real necessities.

Learn what tools we use the most, and why gloves are necessary tools...
Learn how to distribute heat to the upstairs and from room to room...

Learn why a humidifier will help you save fuel and heat easier...
Learn what you should never use to clean your glass...

Learn about a commercial product that is an alternative to kindling and really works well to start a fire in just a few minutes...

After Disc 1 you'll be operating your wood burning appliance like a seasoned pro... so it's time to pop in
Disc 2 where you'll learn how to buy or cut and stack
your fire wood for the next season!

Wood stove humidifiers
Quick start kindling for fireplaces or woodstoves
Hearth tools we recommend for a woodburner
See what's on Disc 2
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